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This huge ass dork slaps my life back together

Senpai to my senpai

Lottie is my queen

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Ymir + Historia (Christa) appreciation post! For my precious waifu (4.22.14) Happy Birthday bby, ilysm

I'm sorry, Mikasa. Eren died in my stead...

"Ciel is worthless"




Ciel threw himself in Sebastian’s arms in front of other people

You know you got it bad when you stop caring that people are watching

But obviously, he DID care. Had he been with Sebastian alone, I imagine he would have thanked him simply. But because of the “pure and noble” persona he had taken on, he had to basically perform an enthusiastic thank you in front of others to keep up that reputation.

Ciel could thank Sebastian later, without people around. 

Rainsworth Week → Our Family

"family has to stick together no matter what happen. i know we’ll stick together because of the bonds we created with each other. these bonds created our family even if it is small. just remember to keep smiling."